Multi-talented producer/composer Joe Acheson returns with new Hidden Orchestra material on his newly formed Lone Figures imprint.

'Little Buddy Move' has curious origins in a piece of music written to accompany a 30-foot tall giant puppet as it performed outdoor shows around Scotland. Elements such as the basses and chords from the original track were lifted and coupled with HAPI drum, synth work, and beats constructed mostly from sound effects.

Taking its title from the clicking sound at the very start, a sound effect recorded in Berlin by sound designer Ali Tocher, of some small mechanical figurine moving (also referencing an inversion of the name of the giant puppet project, Big Man Walking). Tocher’s unusually sourced sounds are used liberally throughout the track, including an oven door banging (as a snare drum) and a kitchen blender's motor recorded with a sensor that picks up electrical activity.

After multiple albums with respected independent label Tru Thoughts, continued support from the likes of The Guardian, BBC6Music, FIP, JazzFM, and consistent global touring of an energetic and intriguing live show, Hidden Orchestra’s reach and influence has swollen to make it one of the highest regarded names in independent music today.