Bournemouth based rising rock star DD Allen returns with a thunderous new single in 'Rebel Hero. in the same vein as the great Springsteen himself, Allen possesses that uncanny knack to command your attention with his storytelling style amongst a huge and euphoric rock sound. The same titled debut EP is on the horizon for DD, in what we're sure will be a huge step in this artist's progression and calling to keep that nostaglic tinged rock 'n' roll alive.

DD Allen's journey is an emotionally-charged story of determination over defeat. The Bournemouth born and raised troubadour ensues a resonating sound in his music, where conflict and resolution in every line hint at a need to find solace in the soul of the songs.

Every performance is drenched in octane-fuelled escapism. Highly influenced by The War on Drugs and The Killers, DD holds a voice that cuts through the mainstream like a 60s Dylan tearing down Highway 63, you would hear and notice it instantaneously. After securing funding from Help Musicians in 2022, this enabled DD to fully dive into his sonic exploration, working with renowned producer Mark Tucker (Robert Plant, P.J. Harvey, Portishead).

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