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Autumn Jones - ‘In The Rain’

Having already cemented herself as one of the more exciting names on the rise today, emerging artist Autumn Jones recently returned to deliver her shimmering new EP ‘4.4.4’, showcased by the dreamy new single ‘In The Rain’. Capturing more of that soul-infused R&B sound she is known for, this new one will wash over you and leave you feeling renewed throughout.

Yilly Ruel - ‘God Bless The Kid’

After originally making his mark by finishing third in the prestigious Open Mic UK 2019 competition, UK-based Angolan rapper Yilly Ruel is looking to continue his vibrant ascent on the pulsing new single ‘God Bless The Kid’. Capturing a bold and driven hip-hop energy from start to finish, he is definitely one worth keeping a firm eye on for the months ahead.

Call Me Cannon - ‘Circles’

Having already cultivated a bold and enigmatic direction with stunning debut single ‘Submission’ earlier this year, fast-rising outfit Call Me Cannon return to the fold once again with their stunning new offering ‘Circles’. With its brilliantly inventive and groove-laden feel running throughout, they are continuing their rise as one of the more enticing names on the scene right now.

Maddox Jones - ‘ We All Need Somebody’

As an artist that is always searching for warm and tender aesthetics to explore, emerging singer and songwriter Maddox Jones keeps the vibrancy alive with his soaring new single ‘We All Need Somebody’. Lending his rich and immersive voice to this beautifully arranged offering, he is certainly looking to pull on our heartstrings with this emotive new release.

Deer Fellow - ‘Insult To Injury’

After establishing themselves with their vibrant debut EP ‘Words Unsaid’ in recent years, emerging duo Deer Fellow recently returned to deliver their dynamic sophomore collection ‘Unraveling’, featuring the woozy new outing ‘Insult To Injury’. Much like what we can expect on their latest EP, this new effort makes for an incredibly smooth and alluring listen throughout.

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