Hollywood-based composer ZhaoHong Zhu, who graduated from the Communication University of China, has a passion for film scoring and embarked on a journey to the United States. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, ranked first among all music schools in the United States, he relocated to Hollywood to pursue his dreams in film scoring. In less than a year, he had the opportunity to work on arrangements with renowned Hollywood composer Nathan Wang, produced sample library for Grammy Award winner Stephanie Economou, and composed music for the CCTV drama series "Sanjiang Chao." Prior to his graduation, ZhaoHong Zhu collaborated with Huanyu (LE) Cultural Technologies to create the album "Blossoms in the Fantamaze" for the first-ever land and water dual-line panda flower-themed park in the Greater Bay Area.

Time flies by, " Fantasy · Qianhua" has mesmerized audiences for nearly two years at the Qianhua Island Resort. Produced by Huizhou Aobao Property Investment Co., Ltd. and co-produced by Huanyu (LE) Cultural Technologies Co., Ltd., this stunning theme park has received high praise and popularity from both the industry and visitors throughout these past two years.

Zhaohong loves to tell a story through music. "Blossoms in the Fantamaze" is an album that narrating a mesmerizing and magical "flower-seeking" nighttime journey. This allows visitors not only to experience visual impacts but also to comprehend a series of storylines within the production. The entire album revolves closely around three main themes of the park: "flowers, butterflies, and pandas." It primarily focuses on creating a beautiful and fantastical atmosphere, constructing a mysterious "enchanted world." In the tracks, you can witness graceful butterflies dancing in "Butterflies," sense the awakening of ethereal flowers in "Panda Appears," immerse yourself in the grand and festive wedding of a different culture in "Wedding on the Lake," and feel the majestic ancient tree radiating light and soaring to the skies in "Ancient Tree," among others.

To provide a deeper immersion in this audiovisual spectacle, the music complements lighting, water shows, and performances with a more cinematic approach, creating a transcendental and aesthetically dreamlike floral wonderland. Through skillful sound choices, instrumentation, and production techniques, Zhaohong ensures that travelers remain immersed in the mystical world of “ Fantasy · Qianhua” while enjoying various musical genres.

The album "Blossoms in the Fantamaze" has been released on global music streaming platforms. If you wish to explore more of its captivating content, feel free to listen to it online.

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