The Guapos, the supergroup formed by the renowned artists of the current music Mexican scene Adán Jodorowsky, El David Aguilar, Jay de La Cueva and Leiva, presents "Nunca Te Quise", the second single from their long awaited
and upcoming debut album.

"The song's lyrics are a parody of a lover who, whether out of insecurity (or not), acts arrogant in the face of a potential breakup and is even willing to own his flaws. It has cynicism. The irony is that despite the song's acidic lyrics, the music is actually very sweet, and that contrast is perhaps what we've always liked about the song. The music video, on the other hand, gives the story a just conclusion by having the song's main characters betrayed and eliminated by an unidentified assailant in the middle of an absurd reality."

Produced by Adan Jodorowsky and recorded at Reliable Recorders studios in Chicago, "Nunca Te Quise" is a song written by the four Guapos.

The music video was directed by Charlotte Kemp Muhl, who has a long film and music career in New York. In addition, it had Kenji Katori as director of photography and was produced by La Catrina. Filming took place over two days at
various locations in Mexico City and Querétaro.

In the months of June and July, the band will embark on a brief tour in Spain, where they will perform at the main summer festivals.

About The Guapos:
Supergroup formed by Adán Jodorowsky, El David Aguilar, Jay de La Cueva and Leiva, four renowned artists from the current music scene in Mexico (residence of three of them) and Spain (country where Leiva lives). David, Adán, Jay and Leiva are artists with a long career, all of them multi-instrumental musicians, with an extensive repertoire of the various compositions and productions they have signed in their respective careers. The Guapos is a project that was born already solid, the result of the commitment of these four friends to achieve a common dream: to give life to this artistic desire by creating a unique project executed to perfection and very fun, in which to work in the long term and in parallel to their own that they have as solo artists. In the midst of a world of digital immediacy, trends and frenzy, The Guapos burst in as a fun antidote based on the most classic band format. Their philosophy of rescuing the best of other times, updating the classic in their own way, has led them to record all the songs on what will be their debut album in a completely analogue way (in two tracks, on tape, and with mono sound). Catchy lyrics, danceable rhythms, and the coolest ways of yesteryear, brought to our times by these four great musicians.

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