Thomas Irwin makes his return with euphoric electronic dance single 'Flame' feat. Georgia Meek. The talented Doncaster born artist and producer has taken heavier climbs with this release, delving into dance, house and pop, with the energy of Meek making for an intoxicating party anthem that all the while still showcases Irwin's full and sonically diverse breadth of talent. Check it out exclusively at Music News UK.

Thomas Irwin is a Doncaster born-and-bred producer who initially pursued an interest in music, and then spiralled into global recognition and acclaim. The completely self-taught artist, who has already worked with Sony and Warner Music, started making electronic music as a teenager, and is now seen as one of the most exciting talents around the electronic dance world with it all seemingly at his feet.

His distinctive style and storytelling through his dance-oriented sonics creates something truly transcendent and special, which is exactly what dance music is supposed to be and make you feel like. Hits such as ‘LA LA’ and ‘In The Mood’ have catapulted Irwin to multi-million streamed success, and has become a prolific songwriter as well as producer in still such a short space of time in his career.

A generational talent to behold, the Northerner now has his sights set on a whirlwind 2023 full of exciting new music, starting with ‘Flame’ featuring emerging singer-songstress Georgia Meek. An uplifting and feel-good dance-pop track, this song will surely be the one to kickstart your Saturday night party playlist.

Starting on acoustic guitar coupled with Meek’s captivating vocals reminiscent of Becky Hill, the song quickly cascades into a deep tech house pre-chorus vibe, before the Georgia’s full repertoire is showcased as the song explodes into a pulsating electronic dance track that will appease listeners of pop, dance and everything in between.

Thomas says “This is the first song I’ve ever written on guitar. It originally was in a triplet time signature, but I made it more house and 4/4 in the production. The guitar at the start of the song is a little homage to this fact! - This song is about putting all the crap that's going on behind you and going out to have a great time.”

‘Flame’ highlights just why Thomas Irwin has taken such huge strides and why there are so many left to come, as this will surely be another song for people all over the UK and the globe to enjoy. This one of a kind artist is surely going to be the next big thing in the electronic dance circuit this year, and he has started it off with a bang.

‘Flame’ is out on March 31st.

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