is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Lay Here in the Dark’ by Tara MacLean.

Internationally renowned, multi-award-winning Canadian songwriter Tara MacLean's ‘Lay Here in the Dark’ is the third single taken from her seventh solo studio album ‘Sparrow’ – both set for release March 31st 2023. The album is the accompanying soundtrack to her debut memoir book ‘Song of the Sparrow’ (released worldwide March 14th on HarperCollins).

‘Sparrow’ is 10 Indie, Pop-Folk sensibilities combining a reimagined collection of MacLean’s past work alongside fresh material showcasing her signature blend of emotive lyric-driven pop and engaging vocals. An introspective collection of tracks inspired by her own extraordinary tales of love, grief and personal growth whilst still finding the poetry in all that life throws us.

Picture Sarah McLachlan, Aimee Mann and Dido jamming together at a midnight bonfire out in the deep forest and you’ll start to get an idea of Tara MacLean’s vibe and outlook...

The latest and third single to be released from Sparrow is ‘Lay Here in the Dark’. Written during a divorce and produced with sparse piano, strings and acoustic guitar, the song is an earnest call to find gratitude in the depths of pain, helping us triumph through the darkest of times. The song speaks to love as an all-encompassing force, a limitless reservoir that grants access when we need it most. Tara states:

“This is not only my favourite song on the album, it’s my favourite song I’ve written. One line in particular made me realise a new level in my life; “Teach me how to bow when I am breaking.” How, in the middle of the greatest challenge, can we find gratitude for being alive? Even when we feel we can hardly breathe, when the darkness is pulling us under, can we become the witness and see that it’s part of the essential training of strength and courage - Can we forgo self-pity and recognise the treasure in pain and even thank the darkness?

About the video: “Daniel Lanois, my favourite all time musician and songwriter gave me the idea to do the video in the dark, on a bed with a flashlight. I spoke to director Nathan Sizemore from Confound Films, who I’d worked with before and he totally nailed the concept. It was filmed at the Broadview Hotel in Toronto in 4 hours”.

Previous singles from the album ‘Sparrow’:
Lead single ‘Sparrow’ (Jan ’23) with MacLean's poised vocals and stirring string arrangement has a more Americana feel than her previous work, true to her Celtic and Country roots, you can hear the influence of Emmylou.

Let Her Feel The Rain (Mar ’23) is a reimagined version the single that launched Tara’s music career, it’s the song she was playing on the ferry when discovered by a music exec, swiftly leading to a record and major publishing deal Watch the video here:

‘Sparrow’ once again spotlights MacLean as a masterful songwriter and performer, delivering an album that is both deeply personal and universally relatable. Available for streaming and download on all major platforms on March 31, 2023. The book is available to buy in all formats in all the usual places, including here.

UK Tour dates: Fans can catch MacLean on tour this spring and summer with dates across the UK 30 May - Camden Assembly – ticket link here.
1 June Hay on Wye Festival, Wales

More singles, videos and UK, EU, US, Canadian tour dates TBA throughout Spring, Summer 2023.

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