Are you stuck in a lapse between new album drops? Has it been a minute since your favorite artist released a new single? Do you want to practice some drumming but it's 2am and the neighbors probably wouldn't be into it? We are here to answer your prayers. There are loads of games for music lovers that purport to be as good as dancing along to your favorite band, but these ones have been hand-picked because they actually live up to the hype.

Jammin Jars
Any fans of disco will love this disco meets casino crossover. Available on most sites that offer online slots, the game is called Jammin Jars and allows you to dance your way across a light-up 8x8 grid. The soundtrack is one of the things that really sets this slot machine game apart; you're guaranteed to be humming it for hours afterwards. If you're already familiar with how slot machines work then you'll be up and ready to go in no time with this game, but even if you're a complete beginner the user interface is super straightforward.

No Straight Roads
This one is definitely a divider of the people, but if you hate EDM, love indie rock, or fall somewhere in the middle but adore a great video game, then No Straight Roads could be for you. This action adventure game sees you step into the shoes of Mayday or Zuke as you battle your way through an EDM focussed world, with the intention of getting vinyl, indie and rock firmly back on the menu. You do need a little musical talent for this one, as you'll need to keep a rhythm during the attacking sections of a game. However, for anyone who loathes 'keep the beat' games, you'll be pleased to hear that this offering, from Indie studio Metronomik, falls firmly under the adventure category.

Fuser is a fresh new release and almost the antithesis of No Straight Roads. This game allows you to play as a world-renowned DJ at incredible music festivals all over the world. If you're into electronic dance music, or anything from the recent charts, then the soundtrack to this game will be right up your street. As you stand in front of the crowd you'll be able to 'fuse' together different popular songs, all to a beat of your choosing. The crowd interactions, special powerups and different stages mean that what could've become slightly formulaic actually provides new and exciting twists at every corner. Better still, if you create a mix that you're really proud of, you can share it with the rest of the people who play the game, and get some feedback from actual, real people.

Rock Band VR
In a world of increasingly cloud based technology, augmented reality and live action multiplayers, it makes sense that some of our favorites look to keep up with the times. Rock Band has had so many incarnations that we've forgotten which number we're at now, but this 2017 release is possibly the most fun of them all. First, a word of warning to those who like to 'look cool' when playing video games - with this one, it quite simply isn't going to happen. With your headset on, guitar in hand and a crowd that seems just so real in front of you, you're going to look like a bit of an idiot. With that said though, you're going to have so much fun doing it. Rock Band VR manages to totally capture the feeling of playing to a crowd. Musicians that have been there and done it agree, and love it; those who long to do it but haven't yet will be hooked from the first play. Just make sure your friends don't start videoing you mid-jam, because it looks a lot cooler with the headset on.