Revelling in the comfort of moving on to the only thing she is certain of, ‘4Runner’ offers a middle ground between a breakup song and a tribute to Page’s California hometown and the memories she made there.

“4Runner is about cars and the memories we associate with them.” notes Alix. “I was feeling particularly sentimental one day that I went home to Orange County; my best friend has been my next door neighbour since we were nine and pulling up to my neighbourhood and seeing her old car parked outside her house kind of set off a chain reaction of emotions and made me feel really old and like a teenager again all at the same time.

Going home for the first time in a while is a really strange feeling, everything feels so familiar and so distant at the same time. I think sometimes people start to feel like that too; familiar in the sense that you grew up with them and they’ll always mean something to you, but distant in every other way. Moving out is something I obviously knew I had to do at some point but sometimes it’s so tempting to go back and stay comfy in my childhood bedroom forever. That's exactly how this particular breakup felt - being so scared to leave it because it was the only thing I'd known for a long time. That's the heart of this song. “

‘4Runner’ joins recent single ‘Automatic’ on the forthcoming five-track EP, Goose – the follow up to Alix’s acclaimed 2022 debut Old News, which saw the 21 year old praised by key tastemaker outlets including The Fader, NME, The Line of Best Fit, Clash, DIY and Dork before embarking on a sold out US, EU and UK tour in support of Gracie Abrams.

While she might at first seem indistinguishable from the average girl, Alix Page has a severe love for skorts, has been dubbed “a pleasure to have in class” on more than one occasion, and still revels in the feeling of seeing someone’s bedroom for the first time. She transforms into the best friend you didn’t know you had. Although ordinary, upon closer examination you’ll find yourself enthralled by Alix’s unconventional inner world, rooted with talents beyond her years.

Along with her kindness, Page is equipped with a multitude of irrefutable abilities. Page discovered her love of expressing vulnerable emotions through song, backed by her perfect pitch and multi-instrumentalism, branching outwards with each shaping experience in life. For Alix Page, admiring, reflecting upon, and performing each passing moment is an effortless expression of bravery, honesty, and clarity.

Alix will head out on her first ever US headline tour this Spring, with shows in LA, Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York already sold out.