Anna Loxi's debut single “Light” is characterised by her soulful vocals, introspective lyrics and haunting melodies. Her sound is a blend of pop, indie and folk, with influences from artists such as Adele, Faouzia, Agnes Obel, Sleeping At Last, Bon Iver, Ella Fitzgerald and LP. Her music often explores themes of love, loss, self-discovery and personal growth.

Anna Loxi's debut single "Light" is accompanied by a music video, which was directed by Prague-based filmmaker Miroslav Smith.

In addition to her music, Anna Loxi is also passionate about science and technology. She believes that science and music can coexist and complement each other, and hopes to use her knowledge in both fields to make a positive impact on the world.

Currently, Anna Loxi is working on new music, produced by Prague-based songwriter, musician and producer, Gregory Darling, who co-wrote Julian Lennon’s latest hit “Lucky Ones”.

She continues to perform live in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic, and hopes to expand her reach to a wider audience in the future.

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