Divinellis best know for his creative and versatile music is an upcoming artist from Rochester, New York. He was originally inspired to find new ways to express himself through music since he's been talented in it for a while. During a previous relationship, there were struggles that led him to try new things to solve the issue. His music brings a lot of this feeling and shows how he got through it.

On Spotify, Divinellis is no stranger to the industry, with over 11,000 monthly listeners and thousands of streams on every song of his. Little over a year ago this artist journey for him started and it's taken him very far compared to others. Being able to perform live for many people was a huge accomplishment as he had trouble speaking out in front of others for a while. He even managed to produce songs for Drake, Kodak Black, Young Thug, Russ, and many others which gained him much recognition when moving as an artist.

This coming year, Divinellis plans to change the sound of music forever. He believes he has what it takes to do it, and won't disappoint anyone who follows his journey. Now that he's been aware of his essence without the outside validation, Divinellis has been motivated to the max. With the success coming in, he wants to create businesses that help the world unite more, and plans to release more music soon.