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Hell has never sounded this good! “Welcome to the Hell,” the new single by the eclectic Canadian pop maestro known as nasmore, taps into his unique sonic formula: an amalgam of stadium rock, goth-industrial textures, modern R&B and cinematic scores.

This track is a collaboration between nasmore and two amazing artists: Neil Taylor & La Strange. There is so much chemistry going on here, and the emotional impact that drives "Welcome to the Hell" is absolutely undeniable. Neil playing on 'Tears for Fears' album Songs from the Big Chair, including "Everybody Wants To Rule the World," is part of music history. A former member of new wave legends Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams band and a long-term collaborator with stars like Tina Turner, Chris De Burgh, Natalie Imbruglia, Metallica, Phil Collins, Kylie Minogue, and more, Neil wastes little time in making his contribution to the new song heard, lashing out with gritty dazzling vocals and fierce guitar licks that perfectly mingle with La Strange's beautiful and yet powerful voice.

In nasmore’s own words, “Some songs make you cry, and some songs you skip forward, and then there are songs that immerse you into their world, putting a sarcastic smile on your face and dragging your mind to visit dark places—like Hell, for example. Just for a day? Stay in a hotel situated by the burning sea of lava with a nice view of torture and punishment. Most of us humans do not require a reservation. Just come pick your nightmare, and we will serve it to you cooked to perfection. No matter what your plans are, you are always Welcome to the Hell”

In addition to the personable and edgy performance value, this release is also quite distinctive because of the sheer quality of the production. The mix is balanced and very detail-oriented, making for a lively, edgy and stark sonic approach. In other words, there are many subtle nuances in this release, which really add to the richness of the track when summed up together. The frequency spectrum of the mix is also very balanced, with tight yet deep low-end working wonders, along with a smooth top end, which adds a sense of clarity to the music. One of the most interesting things about this release is how it combines different styles, achieving a very inherently catchy sound while also going for a very alternative twist due to the energy of the music. "Welcome to the Hell" is a great example of how to allow catchy melodies with amazingly raw tones to coexist so seamlessly and beautifully!

In 2021-22 he released a series of stunning singles, recruiting guest stars along the way. The collaborative process soon became an essential and joyous part of his creative realm. At the end of the day, nasmore is a role model: an example to follow for all the dreamers and everyone who is committed to living a life filled with creative fulfillment and following their passion, no matter what! He is a true artist who definitely deserves the audience's full attention, especially as he is a catalyst that brings so many different talents together due to his frequent artistic collaborations.
“Welcome to the Hell” is a no-brainer for fans of artists like Imagine Dragons, Falling in Reverse, Black Veil Brides, and Get Scared, only to mention a few. This is the kind of track that will surprise you with its sonic variety, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat due to its catchy yet unpredictable arrangement.

Join nasmore, Neil Taylor and La Strange as they combine their talents into a memorable moment in time & deliver an anthem stocked & loaded with a single-worthy sound that'll shake the walls around you.

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