Slot gaming is a thrilling leisure activity, but the slots of today haven’t always been as the world sees them now. A man named Charles Augustus Fey is credited with creating the first slot machine that had an automatic payout, which he did in the late 19th century. Slots gradually developed from there. The concept of fruit machines was later born and, in the 1970s, the first video slot arrived on the scene.

The arrival and boom of the internet in the 1990s saw the emergence of online casinos. As the industry became more and more competitive and technology advanced, casinos such as Rainbow Riches Casino made slot machines online part of their offering. In fact, just as in the case of land-based casino games, online slots became as popular, if not more so, than online casino games. Now, online slots developers far outnumber land-based ones. Some have hundreds of titles.

One of the main features of a good online slot is the music. Below is a look at music in online slots and why people’s favourite slots have such terrific music.

The best slot music on slot games
Music is an essential feature of any online slot worth its salt. Here are some of the best soundtracks on slot games:

Elvis the King Lives
Even today, many mourn the passing of “The King”, but this online slot brings the late star back to life and features some of his finest tracks. The jukebox before the free spins round is blessed with four famous tracks: “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Teddy Bear”, “Hound Dog” and “Big Hunk o’ Love”, all with multiplied wins of your stake and free spins.
Other big tracks include “Heartbreak Hotel”, “All Shook Up” and “Viva Las Vegas”. If you’re an Elvis fan, or even if you’re not, you’d love this slot. Long live the King!

The Guns ‘N’ Roses slot
Guns ‘N’ Roses, at one time, were “The Most Dangerous Band in the World”. Now they have the best slot in the world, some might say. This slot features the monstrous opening track from their album “Appetite for Destruction”, “Welcome to the Jungle”, plus their famous popular rock ballad “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. The latter blew everyone away by proving it was possible to balance hard rock with sentimentality. One of the finest rocks ballads there will ever be, if you ask a lot of fans.

Space Invaders
Anyone who has a hankering for a more retro slot will enjoy the Space Invaders slot. In slot format, the game is just as engaging as it was in the arcade format. The music has a dark rhythm and ebbs and flows in the background, depending on how the action is playing out on the slot. This game will transport you back decades, allowing you to enjoy a vintage feel, and the music helps to provide all the excitement of the original classic.

Fans of thrash metal will appreciate the background music of the Megadeth slot, which features some of the band’s heaviest hits. Fan favourites “Sweating Bullets” and “Symphony of Destruction” are on there, as is a video clip of “Head Crusher”, a single from their twelfth studio album “Endgame”. One of the bonus rounds is called the Hangar 18 round, a nod to their legendary track on the first side of the “Rust in Peace” album. Naturally, fans of Megadeth and thrash metal will love this, but the overall array of features make it a highly engaging slot even for non-fans of the band.

Jimi Hendrix
The greatest guitarist that ever lived, in the eyes of many, has his own slot. As you might expect, the slot has a psychedelic sixties vibe about it. Graphically, it triggers memories of Woodstock and flower power. Musically, it features some of Hendrix’s most famous songs. “Purple Haze”, “Crosstown Traffic”, “Foxy Lady”, “Little Wing” and “Voodoo Child” are all part of the slot’s soundtrack. Several of the bonus features go by the name of these tracks as well. As far as slot soundtracks go, it’s one of the best slots out there.

Why slot games have people’s favourite music
Music is an important part of a slot. Makers incorporate music into the games for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the main ones:

Music enhances the gaming experience
Music is crucial to help immerse the player in the game. It sets the mood for the game and enables the player to engage with the game. Operators know how important engagement is when it comes to offering a good slot.

Music adds dynamics to the game
The choice of music is important because it determines whether the player will find the game fun or boring. Good music inspires the player to play for longer. The wrong choice of music will unsettle the player.

Music reduces stress
Players turn to online slots for relaxation. It’s a source of entertainment, a distraction from their worries, and they don’t want to think about anything that causes them stress. The right choice of music makes it easier for them to relax and allows them to focus on the game.

Music is a major part of slots and creates high levels of engagement for players. If you’re a music fan, or even if you’re not, you’ll enjoy playing the games above. The soundtracks on them are simply awesome.