London Grammar’s Dominic ‘Dot’ Major has teased that he has some solo music on the way.

Taking to his instagram, he said: “Hello everybody. Electronic music has informed a huge part of me nearly as far back as I care to remember. In three weeks time a journey of my vision through it begins, starting with ‘Bear.’ I hope to see you there.”

It comes after his bandmate Hannah Reid shared her struggles of stage fright. Asked about her battle with stage fright, she told BANG Showbiz: “I’m really proud to say that I’m much better than I was. I’m so much more confident on stage than I ever have been. I will always struggle with the anxiety of it but it’s more ordinary now.

“I think when I started out I would get so severely shy and it was just very overwhelming to me but I’m just more experienced now and can work through it a lot easier.”