Sean Leary has had quite a year, releasing his debut album 'EMO POP' and really cementing himself as an emerging talent in the pop, rock and punk scenes. He now finishes 2022 with throwback pop-punk anthem 'I Don't Like You' featuring Vana Beara. Full of those post 00s guitars and vocal tonality from Sean that we all know and love, Vana brings a whole new dynamic to the track, giving it that commercial pop acclaim alongside that will appease many fans and lovers of pop, punk and everything in between.

Sean Leary is a pop-punk singer-songwriter and artist from Boston, Massachusetts. An accomplished producer as well, he has completely self taught himself to write and record his own music since his teenage years, where he also found a love for comedy and performed as a stand up comedian for five years, focusing on TV and production first and foremost when graduating.

After gaining valuable experience in that side of the industry, Leary then took it upon himself to take his own musica craft more seriously in 2020, and hasn’t really stopped since. A raw and nostalgic post 90s + 2000s sound pours out of Sean, with his main influences being the likes Blink-182, Sum 41 and New Found Glory.

In what was such a formative period of time for the pop-punk genre as whole back in those days, it now seems to be making a well earned resurgence after many years out of the limelight. Sean Leary aims to be at the forefront of this revival, and has since released a debut EP and his debut album ‘EMO POP’ in the space of 6 months, which is a 12-track calling to the genres aforementioned.

With a unique and modern twist that ventures into a sad-pop sphere too, Sean really brings his all as an artist with singles ‘Let Me Break My Heart Tonight’ and ‘Maybe I’m Enough’ being standouts. He has wasted no time in sitting on that very spirited debut, and returns with collaboration single ‘I Don’t Like You’ featuring Vana Beara.

There’s immediately so much to love about it, as that chorus fits the exact mould of what you would hear in those vintage days, and it packs a melodic punch that sticks in your head. Sean Leary has delivered the perfect pop-punk package with a singalong and grittier edge to it. Vana Beara's vocals are very reminiscent of Pink! and she brings a whole new pop dynamic to the track, where her and Sean’s vocal work harmoniously together throughout.

‘I Don’t Like You’ holds that light hearted tone that made bands such as Blink-182 so popular, and Sean Leary depicts this notion with personality and vigour. He also speaks openly about his problems with addiction, with this song almost being a message to Sean five years prior and how everything will be OK and work out in the end. There will be a lot of people out there now re-wanting that pop-punk fix, and Sean Leary’s ‘I Don’t Like You’ is the perfect antidote.

Sean says “I Don’t Like You” is a song I wrote about a bad breakup I experienced a few years ago. The lyrics and the way I’m singing them reflects my resentful and immature perspective at the time, blaming the relationship being unsuccessful completely on the other person, and not taking responsibility and accountability.

My goal was for the lyrics to be extremely petty, to highlight said immaturity, and the fact that when that breakup occurred, I was in the midst of alcoholism/addiction, which I was still in denial about. Hopefully that angst and pettiness came through in the final track.”

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