CAS in the moniker of Christopher Adkins, an indie pop rock artist born in a small town outside of Daegu South Korea, being a child of divorce now based in Virginia now has had opportunities from playing a fashion show for Miami Swim week 22’ to The Powerstation in Manhattan NY & have done a live Hourglass Session in The Diamond Baseball stadium.

CAS’s live show ranges from him playing guitar behind his head to singing ballads about the struggles of being a child of divorce and the effects that come after. His first album “Lacklustre” is fully produced by him and has a youthful, melancholy sound to it. From the snakeskin cowboy boots to the leather pants CAS oozes ‘Rockstar’ which translates to his live performance, from high energy guitar to ballads CAS’s live show has many different moods.

Channeling the energy of the modern pop songs that have brought a whole new dynamic to accessibility, CAS possesses a simply stunning vocal that has a tonality and range that instantly stands out. He combines this with a minimalistic yet layered production, full of synths and various elements of electronic influences, and ‘Kiss Me Separate’ is a perfect and primary example of his craft.

Having no problem in finding a melody that sticks, CAS also brings in a welcome dosage of electric guitar at pivotal moments of the track which just fill the space even more. The indie rock influences do stem in ‘Kiss Me Separate’ but Christopher definitely ventures more into his experimental pop side in this one.

Part of his debut album ‘Lackluster’; an 8 track exploration into CAS’ sound and offering as an artist, ‘Kiss Me Separate’ is an atmospheric builder of a track which possesses a highly interesting and intriguing sonic direction that captivates instantaneously. A modern moulded artist, CAS is a singer-songwriter and producer, which embodies the full creative control he has over his work and it shows, resulting in a very exciting troubadour that will appeal to the masses.

CAS is available for press opportunities. ‘Kiss Me Separate’ is out November 4th.

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