Theresa releases her 13th single, the wonderful pop infused 'Move'.

Theresa is an undeniable force on the modern pop scene. At 42 years old, Theresa is following her dreams of becoming a full-time recording artist and hit songwriter - sharing her story one song at a time. Pursuing this alongside her day job, the challenges that face us all got in the way of her dreams of becoming a full-time recording artist at a younger age, and she has now realised that nothing can now stop her from trying her very hardest to make that climb to the top.

Despite the unpredictable nature of the last two and a half years, Theresa has been insanely productive during this time and has released 12 singles, gaining over 625K Spotify Streams, over 300K YouTube streams, as well as 2M streams in retail stores across the US. It is clear that her modern approach to pop music is hitting audiences locally and globally, and it seems like she is only just getting started.

Theresa is now releasing her 13th single, “Move”, produced and co-written with Kirk Schoenherr. In an all encompassing and instantaneously catchy track, Theresa possesses a charismatic and empowering voice, which sits so well on top of the clever and rhythmic production. A song all about going out in the world and not just sitting still, it feels like this a perfect reflection of her attitude towards life and music as a whole; never quitting.

Smooth and melodically flowing, Theresa provides a real sumptuous slice of pop woven music that is fun and accessible, which is exactly what pop music should be. She ensues all of her character and personality into ‘Move’, and it’s hard not to get swept up in Therea’s offering.

Theresa says “Move” is a song about getting off your ass and getting to work! Like a lot of my songs, I wrote this one to encourage myself to keep moving forward. Sometimes we stand in our own way of success. We have a choice that sometimes is easier said than done. As one of my favourite lines in “Move” advises, ‘When you're feeling doubtful, look high to the sky. Your greatness is waiting, but it’s your choice to fly’.”

‘Move’ is out now.

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