Primed for a massive 2023, 4x-GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum singer and songwriter JULIA MICHAELS returns with a brand-new song entitled “Sorry To Me Too” via Republic Records today. Listen to “Sorry To Me Too".

The track’s upbeat production belies JULIA’s biting analysis of a breakup, before she issues an empowered apology to herself and moves on with her head held high. Once again, she takes a creative leap, leaning into a beat that’s as frenetic and anxious as it is danceable.

“The new music I have coming is me going through the grieving process of a breakup. You’ll hear me working out what happened, where it went wrong, trying not to blame myself, and getting back to life without this person who I thought would be in it for a really long time,” she says. ““Sorry To Me Too,” captures that disbelief and anger phase,” she adds. “Like, ‘You say you're sorry?’ Well, I'm sorry to me too for believing all your bullshit and in the promises that you gave me and told me that I clinged to—that I thought were real.”

Known for her lyrical vulnerability and prowess, the song reminds fans and critics alike why JULIA remains one of the industry’s top songwriters in a mostly male dominated field. An artist’s artist through and through, she continues to set the bar for herself and her peers, recently collaborating with Conan Gray, Sabrina Carpenter, Maren Morris, Ingrid Andress, Ellie Goulding, and more.

In other big news, her GRAMMY® Award-nominated smash “Issues” is currently approaching 6x-platinum status, while “What A Time” and “Heaven” were just certified platinum by the RIAA. Next up, she will pen original music for the upcoming Disney film, Wish, which stars Academy® Award winner Ariana DeBose and releases next November.

Stay tuned for more soon as “Sorry To Me Too” only paves the way for more music from Julia in 2023 and beyond.