The opening bars of Deb’s the debut single from the Wanton String Band invokes the excitement of an orchestra’s preparation before a big show. And what a show it turns into, slowly reeling the listener in and gradually adding flavours to the musical mix throughout the first half of the track.

The six members of the Wanton String Band have been drawn together through their love of instrumentation and folk music. They’ve developed a stunning live set, and have performed at some of the biggest festivals around, including Shambala and Wilderness. Deb’s is an instrumental melting pot of smoky intrigue and atmosphere, led by a cacophony of strings and a hypnotic rhythm. It’s the intoxication of their live set, captured in a record.

With distinctly folk-influences, this is an entirely hedonistic track which allows the listener to get lost in the music. If the rest of the Wanton String Band’s music is in a similar vein, it’s easy to imagine the appeal for it at festivals and celebrations across the world, bringing people together with the energy of the music alone.

Deb’s is out now on all streaming platforms, and is taken from the band’s debut album, out next month. Connect with The Wanton String band on Facebook and Instagram.