A riled-up slice of rip-roaring modern rock, the new single by The Illicits, “Feel It” sees them stride back into the spotlight — paying homage to their northern roots while forging their fiery own path. Blending an earworm bluesy riff with the progressive rock’n’roll sound they’ve become known for, the voltaic new cut has the Blackburn foursome barrelling towards a hopeful new horizon.

Recorded at OX4 Studios and produced by Vince Von Van, the track blends strutting guitar work with incendiary riffs and a riotous live-ready feel. Fusing meticulous musicianship with anarchic rock sensibilities, “Feel It” was written at the band’s rehearsal room in Blackburn and takes inspiration from the landscape of their hometown.

Speaking about the new song Joe Mitchell says:

“The stomping rhythm and punk production helps conjure up familiar Lancashire moods: cold early morning walks, rain-soaked shoes and slow, clattering commutes on buses and trains. The lyrics centre around how the people around us speak — ‘but you have to keep on’ is a well-known Lancastrian phrase, despite modern day life struggles. There are also references to local landmarks such as Winter Hill, and a natural rebelliousness against those who have let the industries around them fall and decline.”

An assured next step for a band already certain in their own sound, the four-piece’s dynamic take on “terrace punk” brings the post-industrial imagery of their own northern towns to the fore, and glints with the optimism of a rising young band determined to keep moving forward.