Buzzcocks are proud to present their new single Manchester Rain, released on 2nd September 2022. Taken from the new studio album Sonics In The Soul which is released on CD, vinyl and streaming on 23 September.

The legendary Manchester punk band needs little introduction. Back in 1977, they gave birth to a generation of independent labels with their debut EP ‘Spiral Scratch’. Thereafter, their melodic punk-pop proved irresistible, leading to hit singles and three landmark albums. They broke up in 1981 before reuniting in 1989, and have been going steady ever since. Sadly, singer Pete Shelley passed away in 2018, however co-founder/co songwriter/singer Steve Diggle has kept the flag flying high.

Speaking to Punktuation magazine, Steve explained how he wrote ‘Manchester Rain’ after meeting some kids outside the venue he was about to play in Manchester pre-lockdown. “It was pouring with rain,” says Steve, “and they were telling me about the band they were starting. I thought ‘This is where I’m from, this is where I was, in a band in my late teens.’” A song about hopes and dreams, and that moment of realisation when you know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life.