dodie releases her new EP Hot Mess, featuring the singles ‘Got Weird’, ‘Hot Mess’ and today’s new single ‘Lonely Bones’. Hot Mess is an intimate look into dodie’s world in the period following the release of her #3 charting 2021 debut album Build A Problem, and was inspired by a project started to write and record a song to document each month of the year.

Of the new EP, dodie explains: “Hot Mess is exactly that - a steaming, conflicting pile of raw ideas and feelings; heavy confessions, manic patches matched with seemingly stable moments of realisation and acceptance, painted with flickers of dissociated spiraling. I am lost! I am confused but trying, and I accept myself and hate myself simultaneously while doing so.”

About one of the EP’s most tender moments, ‘Lonely Bones’, she adds “Lockdown 2020 had me spending a lot of time alone, dabbling in dissociation, depression and making furious promises to make sure life would be different soon. I felt feral! Manic, running on absolute fumes. I loved the idea of writing a gang vocal section that sounds like it should eventually be sung amongst friends and drinks and good vibes - but written from a much lonelier past.”