In the world of British Country Music, Brandon McPhee is a rising star. “There’s Always Me” is the stunning debut single from the multi-award winning accordionist’s forthcoming album “Mr Country”. Already the single is enjoying air-play on stations in Ireland, Australia, throughout the UK and beyond. “There’s Always Me” has long be a favourite of the young artist and Brandon is delighted to have recorded his version of the classic song.

“Mr Country” features 13 extra-ordinary tracks such as the highly acclaimed Alex Birnie’s “Mamas Gone”, “Rainy Days At The Beach” by the late Jeff Sable, who expressed delight in the recording before he passed, and Brandon’s first self penned track “Let’s Start Again”, a composition inspired by his anxiety observing the troubles in the world. The album is released on the 28 October 2022 on Pan Records.

Despite not being able to perform during the pandemic, the time gave Brandon the opportunity to refocus on making a new recording and, recalling his time with vocal coach Raymond Bremner several years ago, Brandon reflected that singing gave him more confidence. He recalls “my vocal tuition gave me a great understanding of the voice as an instrument, so as well as being an accordionist, audiences respond positively when I sing. That validation is particularly special.”

“Mr Country is also a ‘thank you’ to his friend and colleague Manson Grant of Manson Grant and the Dynamos, who was responsible for introducing a very young Brandon to Country music.

Brandon says for him “Mr Country” is an important recording for him as it marks a certain departure and ‘coming of age’ despite his 25 years. No, he’s not giving up the accordion, this recording is quite a mature collection cementing all that he loves about his music and returning to live performing.