TOLEDO is today sharing the title track off of their debut record ahead of its release on Grand Jury Music this Friday, September 23rd. ‘How It Ends’, on its face, is an upbeat folk-rock track that belies the anxiety that weaves throughout the song. Raised by a single mother, Jordan Dunn-Pilz recalls her struggles with dating and love; reckoning with how those experiences impacted his own ability to be open and loved in romantic relationships.

Following the devastating deadbeat dad song, ‘Flake’, ‘How It Ends’ is another deeply personal yet broadly applicable song where TOLEDO bare their most private fears and struggles in an act of vulnerability that shines through How It Ends.

Speaking about his experiences, Dunn-Pilz writes;

“Watching my mother struggle in love, it planted a seed deep down that keeps me afraid of love and hesitant about marriage. Even when things are going so well, there's a looming tension in the back of my brain that suggests everything is going to fall apart eventually. How do you navigate love and relationships when you don't have a clear example to follow? Is this the curse your parents leave you with?”

While Daniel Alvarez De Toledo speaks to working with Jay Som’s Melina Duterte on ‘How It Ends’;

“Working with Melina of Jay Som, we tried to energize this song with piano, natural percussion, and cowbells. There happened to be two cowbells that were tuned (almost) perfectly in our airbnb we were using as a makeshift recording studio.”