Uniting three of rock music’s fastest-rising forces, Monterrey Mexico hard rock sister trio The Warning recruit grandson and Zero 9:36 for a new version of their anthemic single “CHOKE.”

The Warning reup, recharge, and reignite the original with a flurry of intensity only amplified by grandson and Zero 9:36. The track tempers the gnashing guitar riff with chaotic electronic textures and powerful and punchy rhymes, fusing distinct styles into a dynamic festival-ready salvo.

On the new song:

The Warning: “We’re so thrilled to have grandson and Zero 9:36 in ‘Choke,’ it’s a song that we love so much and hearing it in an entirely different way while still maintaining the same rocking energy is beyond exciting! And These guys…. What can we say? They are sooo amazing and such an inspiration!”

grandson: "Working with The Warning girls has been a long time coming, I love what they stand for and how powerful they are. Mexico is full of hard core rock fans and we can’t wait to rock some shows together soon!!"

Zero 9:36: “The Warning bring an energy. It's new and refreshing. When Jordan (grandson) asked if I wanted to work on this track, it was an easy choice. We exchanged texts and worked on something that felt like a true collab. It's a danceable song about coming to terms with your feelings...and it's hard!”

“CHOKE” remains a standout from the band’s explosive full-length debut album, ERROR, out now via LAVA/Republic Records. In addition to amassing over 55 million-plus streams, it earned widespread critical acclaim.