FMC 2022 ‘Video Game Scoring Competition’ offers exclusive opportunity for composers from around the world.

Every year, FMC (Film Music Contest) – the unique international music competition and awards – provides a competitive platform for composers, musicians, producers, and sound designers of original scores for film, television, commercials and video games.

FMC includes the “FMC Video Game Scoring Competition”, a separate category for music composers and sound designers of all ages and nationalities that is unique in the world of music competitions.

This year, the FMC organisers have joined forces with Grindstone, a video game production and publishing company with a strong background in game development. This partnership has resulted in an exclusive opportunity for entrants to create music of their choice for a short sequence from the upcoming action video game “Die by the Blade”, which will have its world premiere this autumn.

FMC 2022 Prestigious international jury
The prestigious international jury, made up of professionals from the music and film industry working for Hollywood, Asian film and TV studios, and Netflix, will include Grindstone company founder Peter Nagy, an important figure and veteran in the game industry in the EU. This gives those entering the Video Game Scoring category the chance to showcase their talents and pitch their music to important people in the audio-visual and gaming industry.

More about the jury and short bios about the judges can be found here.

How to enter
You can register for this category online on the competition’s official website at Under this competition category, you will find an online registration form. After filling it in and successfully completing all the steps in the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to download the music-free video excerpt to be used in the competition. You will also receive, along with other materials and instructions on how to deliver the finished video featuring your music, promotional images that you can use to use in your online promotion and share on social media, music forums and groups.

Opening intro Competition sequence without the score from the latest video game release “Die by the Blade”:

You will find answers to frequently asked questions here.

To make the whole process easier, the organisers have also prepared a registration video guide that will walk you through the entire registration process. You can find the video on the competition’s official YouTube channel here or directly in the competition category on the FMC website.

Prizes: Every year, the competition rewards its winners handsomely. This year, they will receive prizes worth more than €38,000 and garner international media attention and publicity. On top of that, winners will be awarded original hand-crafted trophies and certificates as a keepsake of their triumph and recognition of their musical work.

Check all the prizes here.

Expand your portfolio and share it globally online
From a professional angle, another incentive to enter is the opportunity to expand and enrich your music portfolio with a video game project that you can present and share to the world with your music. You can use the finished project to promote yourself and reach new fans and followers with your music.

The competition has commanded a great deal of interest from international media keen to report on the competition and its latest developments. To see some examples of this, please visit the Press section of the competition website here.

Competition registration is currently open. The deadline to submit your entries is 12 October 2022.

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