Written and produced by Élodie Orsei ‘French Toast’ features Élodie Orsei’s first single ‘Creme de la creme’ as well as ‘You’re delicious’ with three additional tracks ‘Un p’tit café’, ‘Guilty love’ and ‘Baby Purée’.

“Weirdly, food and love collided in my writing. I found myself personifying food to describe certain moments or feelings, using it as a medium to describe what type of love I was referring to.” shares Élodie. Naturally ‘French Toast’ as a title made sense to her - it displays her ties to french as well as being a delicious food.

Élodie Orsei describes her sound as a mixture of folk and soul, with healing and mellow undertones. Her lyrics are a fusion of both Canadian French and English, showcasing how both languages intertwine in her life and how equally important they are to her when it comes to expressing herself.

“As a French-Canadian, raised in a minority, my French culture and language is a big part of my identity, but so is expressing myself in English. I love being able to write in both languages and mix them together, just like how they take shape in my life on a day-to-day basis,” she says.

Her sound draws inspiration from multiple genres, from soft R&B and soul music, to folk, pop and a bit of jazz. Élodie Orsei has a talent for conveying true and raw human emotion with her lyrics, with this EP focusing on the most complex emotion of them all - love.

“I write about the emotion that makes us human. For this EP I was very much in the love discovery. I experienced my first long term relationship that is very present in these songs. Maybe it was healing that was needed,” she says.

Élodie Orsei was born and raised in Kelowna, Canada. She has lived in Toronto for the past eight years. She is proud to be part of the Francophone community, through which she has received support and opportunities throughout her musical career.

Following the release of ‘French Toast’, Élodie Orsei will begin work on her debut album which she will begin recording in the fall of this year.

“I have so many lyrics written waiting to be produced,” she adds. “I feel like music is something that I can contribute to this world. Some people invent technologies, or save lives or teach and I can offer music, as humble as that may be.”

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