Acclaimed saxophonist and AYM Alumna and Patron Jess Gillam is to host a BBC Radio 4 Appeal for Awards for Young Musicians, a UK-wide charity that supports talented young musicians from low-income backgrounds.

The appeal will broadcast at 07.54am on Sunday 21 August 2022, and can also be heard on the station throughout the week. Jess talks about how AYM supported her early on in her musical journey, and shares the story of current AYM musician Aaliyah.

Jess Gillam comments: “I am very proud to be supporting Awards for Young Musicians and presenting this appeal on BBC Radio 4. Music has the potential to be a force for good and can offer life changing opportunities for young people. Musical potential is everywhere but opportunity isn’t and Awards for Young Musicians work hard to give thousands of young people the chance to learn from the magic of music. I am very grateful to AYM for the support they gave me when I was younger and am keen to help make sure as many other young people as possible have the same chances.”

AYM CEO Hester Cockcroft comments: “We’re thrilled that Jess will present our BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Her amazing musicality was clear to everyone from the first time we heard her play as a 14 year old, and it’s wonderful that she’s now such a fantastic ambassador for AYM’s work.”

Jess Gillam will also present a special concert in aid of AYM at Halle St Peters in Manchester on Tuesday 6 September 2022. Jess will be joined by some brilliantly talented young musicians on AYM’s Awards programme for an eclectic evening performance: