Today, Bastille release the official video for new single, the electronic club banger “Revolution”. The celestial visuals see Dan Smith and a dancer illuminated by an ethereal, suspended sphere, interspersed with cosmic imagery, playing into the vibrantly futuristic sonics of the track. WATCH HERE.

Dan explains, “The chorus is about the intimacy of human connection in the context of some science fiction, space-centered imagery. But it’s also about the idea of those amazingly thoughtful people who spend their lives trying to change the world in a positive way.”

“I’m totally over-awed by people like that – if you’re one of them, like an inventor, activist or scientist, you have to have the ability to imagine a version of the future that’s better than what currently exists, and then have that energy to actually work to make it happen. Alongside all the other things life throws at you. So, I wanted to nod to those people and the idea that before anything big happens, most of them will have had these little revolutions in their minds, a change of perspective that leads to something bigger.”

Taking inspiration from Quincy Jones’ production, ‘Revolution’ had always been one of the core songs for ‘Give Me The Future’. The track now features on part two of the band’s three-part extended edition of the critically acclaimed, number one album. Dubbed "Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past”, the new release features another album’s worth of new songs, collaborations, covers and reprises.

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