The rising artist Ber has earned praise for her heartfelt songwriting and angelic vocals heard in her early releases such as ‘Meant To Be’. That song has already exceeded 50 million streams, leading to airplay from Radio 1 as well as Zane Loweand Travis Mills at Apple Music 1. She has also been embraced by a community of singer-songwriters, most notably when she performed as part of a supergroup at Barn On The Farm with Holly Humberstone, Maisie Peters, JP Saxe, Dylan Fraser and Flyte’s Will Taylor.

Ber now premieres her new song ‘Superspreader’ alongside a self-directed lyric video. ‘Superspreader’ was co-produced by Now Now and Hot Dennis, and comes as Ber gears up to release additional music this year.

Ber says, “‘Superspreader’ is a time capsule for the anger, frustration and hurt I felt after being ghosted in the midst of an abrupt move home to Minnesota from London in 2021. It truly is a long story, but this song pulls me back into a time where I was living in a basement, working two part time jobs, trying to distract myself from my heartbreak with work and internet dating, and ultimately looking for any remnants of my past in anyone new I’d meet, desperate for closure but also anxious to move on.”