Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Julian Lennon has released his new single “Lucky Ones” today from his upcoming album JUDE.

The up-tempo track captures Lennon's ability to inspire hope and unity with an anthemic hook that reminds us that we are the “Lucky Ones,” as his passion for climate action comes through with lyrics calling for a revolution.

Lyrics include: “I feel a change is coming, I know/A new revolution’s knocking on my door/I feel a change is coming, so strong/It might not be forever, but I know that we’re the lucky ones…”

Thus far Lennon has released four songs from the record, “Every Little Moment,” Freedom,” “Breathe,” and “Save Me” across all digital platforms. “Lucky Ones” is the first from the project being serviced to radio.

Lennon and Justin Clayton share production on JUDE, coming out September 9, 2022. Vinyl editions will be available September 10, 2022.