Spielbergs are today sharing a new single, 'The New Year's Resolution'. It is the opening track from their forthcoming new album Vestli, out August 19th via Big Scary Monsters. 'The New Year's Resolution' marks the latest in a string of heavy-hitting singles from the band, who first announced Vestli with the double A-side single release, 'When They Come For Me' / 'Get Lost', and 'Every Living Creature'. 'The New Year's Resolution' is ultimately a song of positivity, about facing a fear and emerging from the other side unscathed.

Singer and guitarist Mads Baklien says: "When do you lose control of something? The New Year’s Resolution is about the place where you wonder if you just take one more step, there will be no turning back. You will lose everything and everyone you ever cared for. And then you take that step anyway. And you’re OK, you didn’t screw up everything after all. So you take another."

As Spielbergs fast-established themselves as a refuge for like-minds, people seeking a place to hear something they recognised in themselves, their wielding of a sound that melded indie-rock, post-rock, punk and echoes of 90’s emo, resonated far beyond their native Oslo. Their music existed as a way to escape, a place to get lost within, so with Vestli coming into view it might be a surprise to hear the band focussing their attentions on feelings of being trapped. That trapping could be by geography or by emotion but either way, the songs that make up Vestli carve a path paved made of doubt, isolation, and fear.