DJ Adytza releases debut single 'No Good'.

Originally from Cluj, a town in the heart of Transilvania, Romania but now based in the NW of England, we have DJ Adytza's wife to thanks for the release of his debut single 'No Good'. She finally convinced him to give his life-long hobby a "different approach" and here we are celebrating the official release of debut single 'No Good'.

Describing the message behind the single, “No Good” DJ Adytza told Music News "I would say it describes the type of common relationships nowadays. Where you kinda want it but you're afraid of being hurt and you end up investing little to nothing in it for that reason."

Revealing how the video came together he continued, "I wasn't sure what route to go with for the video so I've came across something online called AI generated video for music. I had a look and went for it since I'm a big fan of AI."

Regarding future plans DJ Adytza concluded, "I will definitely release more future projects despite the outcome of this one. Thanks to my wife I got the boost in my confidence and her full support for future. I guess behind every successful man there's a woman, I'm happy I found and married mine."

Check it out 'No Good' for yourselves here.

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