Today sees the return of the UK Music Video Awards as it begins accepting submissions for its 2022 programme. Renowned worldwide for celebrating excellence in music video, the UKMVAs spans awards for directorial skill across music videos, live videos and special projects, recognition for technical and craft achievement, as well as honours for individuals and teams from across the globe for excellence across a body of work from the past year. From today, entrants can submit their work and themselves via the official website at until August 3rd.

And in an exciting development, the final celebration of world-beating visual work will take place this year in a new venue: Magazine London. Located on the Greenwich Peninsula, close to the O2, Magazine London offers a contemporary home for the popular Awards show as it prepares to host its largest audience yet on Thursday 27th October.

This year’s Awards sees the expansion of the Individual Achievement categories, with a brand new award for Best Director of Photography, recognising a cinematographer for their body of work over the past 12 months. It sits alongside similar awards for New Director, Director, Producer, Commissioner and Agent. There is also an always-coveted award for the Best Production Company, recognising the team with the most impressive body of music visual work delivered between August 2021 and July 2022.

The UKMVAs continues to champion directorial achievements in individual music videos via a vast range of categories. Among them, 18 awards are made for videos across 6 different music genres, with separate awards for videos for UK artists, international artists and for newcomer directors working with budgets under £10k. The 6 separate genres are Pop, R&B/Soul, Dance/Electronic, Rock, Alternative and Hip Hop/Rap/Grime. Additionally, there are awards for Best Live Music Video and Best Special Visual Project.

Among the categories for technical and craft achievements in a single work are awards for Best Cinematography, Best Choreography, Best Production Design and Best Wardrobe Styling. Last year saw the introduction of two new categories in this section for Best Performance in a Video and Best Hair & Make-Up in a Video. In post-production, there are individual honours for Best Editing, Best Colour Grading, Best Visual Effects and Best Animation in a single video.

Launched in 2008, the UK Music Video Awards has grown into the leading global awards programme for music video creativity, welcoming entries and attendees from across the world. A series of partnerships with overseas music video festivals and events has seen involvement by international directors and producers grow in recent years, leading to some high-profile signings for directing talent. Entrants enjoy an unrivalled opportunity to have their work seen by industry experts and potential collaborators thanks to the large and diverse Awards Jury, curated each year from within the music filmmaking community in the UK and around the world.

Event director, Louise Stevens, says “The UKMVAs is always a special night in the calendar and we’re excited that we’ll be able to welcome even more people to this year’s show with the move to Magazine London.’

She continues: ‘But in the meantime, we’re excited to see what visual treasures will come through our doors this year. Even after 14 years, we’re still blown away by the extent and variety of creative talent that gets submitted for the UKMVAs.’

The UK Music Video Awards editorial director, David Knight, adds: “Creativity in the field of music video is always moving forward, embracing new ideas, and bringing through new talent. Once again in the past year we’ve seen fantastic work being made, often in challenging circumstances. Really looking forward to seeing the quality and breadth of work being reflected in entries to the UKMVAs this year.”

The UK Music Video Awards 2022 is now open and accepting entries in 37 separate categories. Submissions should be made via the dedicated website at until the entry deadline at midnight, August 3rd 2022 (BST).

The award categories are:
Best Pop Video – UK
Best R&B / Soul Video – UK
Best Dance / Electronic Video – UK
Best Rock Video – UK
Best Alternative Video – UK
Best Hip Hop / Grime / Rap Video – UK
Best Pop Video – International
Best R&B / Soul Video – International
Best Dance / Electronic Video – International
Best Rock Video – International
Best Alternative Video – International
Best Hip Hop / Grime / Rap Video – International
Best Pop Video – Newcomer
Best R&B / Soul Video – Newcomer
Best Dance / Electronic Video – Newcomer
Best Rock Video – Newcomer
Best Alternative Video – Newcomer
Best Hip Hop / Grime / Rap Video – Newcomer

Best Live Video
Best Special Visual Project

Best Performance in a Video
Best Production Design in a Video
Best Wardrobe Styling in a Video
Best Hair & Make-Up in a Video
Best Choreography in a Video
Best Cinematography in a Video
Best Colour Grading in a Video
Best Editing in a Video
Best Visual Effects in a Video
Best Animation in a Video

Best New Director
Best Director
Best Director of Photography
Best Producer
Best Production Company
Best Commissioner