Experience a diversely reimagined minimal electronic music as PrOmid and Dj Yazdan deliver a dazzlingly made phenomenal titled “COSMOS”.

This is the case of a teacher of engineer collaborating with a top student for that Master's project and the result astonishes the entire faculty; Mohammad Shahcheraghi aka Yazdan is a young and versatile DJ, music producer, and sound engineer from Washington DC. He has been in the DJing artistic loop since 2015 and is now an established professional DJ in nightclubs, festivals, bars, and concert venues. Omid Mahramzadeh aka PrOmid on the other hand is an experienced guru in the fields of music production, DJing and engineering and has developed an admirable reputation through his work which has gone on to win him numerous accolades. Being in the game for more than 17 years, he has seen it all and his sensational productions have attracted millions of streams on the digital platforms from global online listeners!

Dj Yazdan was a little nervous approaching PrOmid seeing he is just an amateur who is just getting into the professional music production and release scene. He however did approach him and PrOmid was more than willing to work with him; the end result is this stupendous production, “COSMOS” - almost seven minutes long and which has been in the making for 5 months!

Immediately the groove enters, and all the worries escape as you are treated to a timelessly evocative and expressive instrumental play that flaunts sorcery and sagacity. The dazzling opulent instrumentation is complimented exceptionally well with the incorporation of a plethora of engaging minimal electronic elements such as the minimal techno, vibrant EDM, deep house, tech-house, and even progressive house in between for that congenial listening experience!

This melody keeps on escalating and bustling through with fresh and imaginative ideas through the various sections that keep a listener heavily invested and consistently intrigued- it is like a well of Creative Ocean that never dries up and keeps on recharging itself with extensive imagination!

This is an outstandingly remarkable ‘great-vibe’ type of track that is capable of boosting the vibe in any type of setting; whether you’re just listening from the comfort of your ambiance, taking that morning run, working out in a gym or even out in the club having the time of your life; this is exactly the track for you!

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Twitter: dj_yazdan
Twitter: promidmusic