You may have noticed that there's a hot new band on the Rock Charts, but they’re not new after all. While everyone else has been staying inside for the pandemic, ‘Black Hills Soul’ has been working on something big, and it’s finally out!

It started out as an idea to make a documentary about four relatively unknown songwriters coming together to collaborate on an album. But their knowledge and abilities as filmmakers was simply not as good as their knowledge and ability to make and perform music.

Soon, they began to love the chemistry between the four as writers and the songs they were creating - thus spawning “Where It All Begins.”

The title track “Where it all begins” says it all. The concept was to write songs and record. For this band, it starts here. The song itself is kind of a semi-fictitious story about Scott (Guitar) wife's gambling ventures in Deadwood. “Honey, you really can't count cards.”

We’ve been enjoying this band since seeing them enter “Digital Sales” and “Top Rock” and it's not surprising that they have the fanbase to get those hard sales in. This is Rock after all! They may not be streaming as much as some of the largest acts, but for us it seems like it’s only a matter of time before ‘Black Hills Soul’ pops up on your radar again and again.

Check out the album it is totally worth a listen here!

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