Music Match is created by Brandlift, an award winning digital agency. There is a startup within the company, we call ourselves Brandlift Labs. We create out of the box digital solutions of all kinds. One of our web-developers is a music enthusiast, he came up with the whole Music Match concept. After close consideration we gave it a go:)

We aim to merge online composing and music sharing with a bunch of social media features. There are still many more to come, we have tons of ideas what to achieve in the upcoming months.

We have a short list of frequently asked questions + answers about Music Match that might help to put this whole story in context:

What sets Music Match apart from other alike sites or apps?
We're not a simple music sharing platform or an instrument to promote your band/songs. What we aim to do here is to explore the depths of a new way of online composing. Once a musical idea is uploaded to Music Match, other musicians can add their own ideas to it (be that a single note or an entirely new approach to a track). We'd like to bring together musicians from all around the globe, give them inspiration and a possibility to make awesome new music together and reach new audiences.

Are you focused on any specific geographic areas?
No boundaries! Music Match is for everyone.

Are there any interesting facts and figures?
Music Match is very new, just released a short ago. We already have around a 1000 registered users, surprisingly active on the platform :)
There is still a lot to come, we have many ideas what to achieve until the end of the year. New features and contests (with prizes) are on the way!

What is the number one reason my readers should check it out?
Music Match offers a fundamentally new way of online composing. We recommend it to anyone from rookie to veteran musicians looking for inspiration, and whore into expanding their creativity.

Is there anything else you’d like my readers to know?
Music Match is out fresh from the oven, and we're really happy for early user feedback. So please join the community, give it a try and let us know what you think :)

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