After releasing her debut EP Neukolln Nights, dedicated to a haunted summer love, Berlin based singer-songwriter D’aria is embarking on a new project exploring her identity outside of relationships.

In a world where playing tough is the norm, D’aria is the exception to the rule. Her vulnerable and honest lyrics often aim at herself before anyone else. Taking inspiration from artists like Winona Oak, King Princess, BANKS and Halsey, D’arias candid pop sound and forthright lyrics are composed of introspective dilemmas of her life.
Outside of the pop genre, D’aria has made a name for herself as a top-liner in collaboration with Italian producer and Dj Latteo. She is looking forward to continuing blurring the lines between traditional songwriting and electronic music.

In ‘A Letter To My Future Lover’ D’aria finds the words to guide a lover through her inner world. Communication is key, that’s what they say. But how do you communicate something you haven’t fully figured out yourself yet? A 'Letter To My Future Lover’ is a soft ballad that evolves into a climatic release of all senses. Vulnerability and sensuality melt into one as D’aria lets down her defenses, delivering an intriguing dark and sexy pop song about the importance of knowing how to love yourself.

And here is the story behind the music video:

"I wrote ‘A letter to my future lover’ initially because I felt like I was neglecting my needs and my own pleasure in relationships, but I also didn’t know how to communicate this with my partner. In the process of writing down ‘instructions’ of how I want to be loved, I realized this song was more for me than anyone else - it helped me get to know myself better and prioritize my sensual experience. This is what I wanted to express with the music video; what self exploration can feel like, how the process of getting to know your own sensuality and sexuality can feel forced and complicated at first, but all that it really needs is for you to lean into it and experience your own senses. There isn’t really an instruction manual you can follow when it comes to building a safe space for your pleasure."

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