If you ever watched people reacting to songs videos on YouTube, you could see folks unfamiliar with songs and artists, but they can recall listening to the song in a video game like Guitar Hero or GTA. Of course, the gaming industry has been promoting music for decades, and sports simulation games like Fifa, Madden, NHL have soundtracks packed with familiar up-tempo songs.

Driving games and Tony Hawk skateboard simulation also have popular soundtracks and songs. Music is essential across the gaming genres and niches, from AAA video games to the iGaming industry. Most new slot games have a high emphasis on background music and effects. Playing live casino with smooth jazz in the background will create a unique atmosphere.

The famous JRPG game Persona 5 had a somewhat different approach to the game's soundtrack.

Original soundtrack
Persona 5 celebrates five years in 2022, and aside from the abundance of new content, publishers decided to release the soundtrack to Spotify. Fans of the game have high praise for Shoji Meguros soundtrack featuring acid jazz, disco, and funk influences.

Some of the most popular songs from the game include the battle theme "Last Surprise," "Beneath the Mask," "Life Will Change," the final battle team "Rivers in the Desert," and "Wake up, Get Up, Get Out There." The game publisher Atlus released the game's soundtrack to the Spotify streaming service in 2021.

The game got two spin-off titles in Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Strikers, so in 2022 Atlus released a new soundtrack with both original and new songs. Among the new music on the soundtrack is the opening Persona 5 Strikers theme, "You Are Stronger."

The soundtrack for Persona 5 has its vinyl release, which is highly sought on the second-hand market.

American music producer Sean Schafianski released a five-song EP, "The Mementos Sessions: Music from Persona 5," He created new arrangements inspired by funk music and recorded with various vocalists and musicians.

Why is video games music popular?
Gaming is a booming industry that surpassed many other entertainment niches with a market size of $175 billion. Top games earn more revenue than blockbuster movies, and millions of players commit to games they like daily.

Video games were always an important industry for music promotion, and this trend is continuing today. However, a new trend of original music soundtracks in massive multiplayer games is making music from games increasingly popular.

Perfect symbiosis
Streaming services feature soundtracks from popular games like Persona 5, and gamers find a new source for finding relevant music.

Music composers were involved in game development from the start of the industry. New technologies enabled new genres in gaming with a massive number of subscribers. Streaming services complement the ecosystem with easy-to-publish platforms. For game developers, releasing a soundtrack with original music can create additional buzz and serve as an excellent marketing tool. It also makes additional revenue.

The most popular games with the highest revenue are free-to-play games like Persona 5, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Fortnite, etc. They create income through in-game purchases, and maybe original music could be part of the market?