Gambling and music both share one inherent quality- attracting people. Gambling and music are one of the two most popular forms of entertainment, garnering mass attention and making millions in profit. The two in harmony create an amalgamation of the most tempting genre of entertainment, forming a powerful duo. Music combined with gambling has given rise to many masterpieces, some of which have been recognized worldwide.

A lot of songs have been written about gambling, especially about poker and roulette or about gambling in general. Most of these songs have enjoyed massive popularity after release. If you like online casinos not on GamStop then you probably heard about, it reviews all GamStop casinos for UK players and shares the latest news about the gambling market. Now its team prepared a list of songs that people who like both music and gambling can take delight in.

Casino Queen: Wilco
The American alternative rock band Wilco are best sellers and Grammy winners, winning the Best Alternative Music Album for their 2004 studio album A Ghost is Born. The band is acknowledged for its experimental fusion of alternative rock and classical pop.

Casino Queen was a part of their 1995 pop album A.M. which became a Billboard hit. The song talks about gambling games such as blackjack and the hardships faced to win big money. This song also brings into account the act of compulsive gambling.

Easy Money: Billy Joel
American singer-songwriter Billy Joel is not only a chart-topper and a best-seller but has been deemed as a phenomenon in the music world. His single Piano Man had Joel soar to fame. Billy Joel is known for his self-composed pop-rock songs and realistic lyrics.

Easy Money was a part of his 1983 hit album, An Innocent Man. The song has catchy lyrics and an upbeat melody and expresses the fun of gambling and ways to get easy money. It talks of slots and rolling dice and paints a glamorous picture of the sport.

Poker Face: Lady Gaga
Multiple Grammy winner and popular singer Lady Gaga is a household name and musical legend. She has sold over 124 million records around the world. Lady Gaga is known for her outspoken music, flamboyant style, and vociferous lyrics.

Poker Face is a dance-pop song from her 2008 album The Fame. The song uses the rhetoric of poker face to speak about love and calls it the biggest form of gambling. But the costumes there completely fit for gambling fashion. The song also includes games like Hold ‘Em poker sets.

The Angel And The Gambler: Iron Maiden
The English heavy metal band Iron Maiden started the heavy metal wave in Britain and made British metal songs popular worldwide. The band is a Brit and Grammy award winner, selling over 200 million records worldwide. Iron Maiden is known for its dramatic elements and hard-hitting music.

The Angel and The Gambler were released as part of the rock album Virtual XI in 1998. The song is a deep reflection on the existence of man and uses the theme of gambling to depict the hopelessness of not being able to succeed. It mentions gambling games using dice and slots.

Rambling, Gambling Willie: Bob Dylan
The Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan is hailed as one of the best composers and songwriters of our time and has been an icon of sociopolitical issues. Bob Dylan has won accolades including the Grammy, Golden Globe, and Academy Awards. He brought a new wave of pop enthusiasts.

Rambling, Gambling Willie was a part of Dylan’s album which consisted of a series of unreleased and released songs named The Bootleg Series Volume 1-3 released in 1991. It is more personal in tone, this soulful song is about a certain Willie who was a successful gambler and how he helped people with the money he won until he was shot dead by his opponent. The song mentions poker as a game.

The Jack: AC/DC
Australian rock band AC/DC is no doubt one of the most popular bands in the world and has been listed in Rolling Stones’ “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”. They reached their peak through their album Highway To Hell and have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. They express themselves through their high-powered music and dynamic lyrics.

The Jack was released in 1976 as a part of their album High Voltage. The song talks of a woman who has got “the jack”, a colloquial term for gonorrhoea, and uses it to talk of a woman he pursued. The song refers to the game of poker.

The Gambler: Kenny Rogers
The American singer, songwriter, and actor Kenny Rogers is known for his excellence in the country, pop, jazz, folk, and rock genres. This Grammy-winning artist has more than 420 hits, selling around 100 million copies worldwide. His achievements also extend to his acting career, his television series being an Emmy nominated one.

The Gambler is an example of a quintessential gambling song familiar to all gamblers. Released in 1978 as a part of the album of the same name, The Gambler has a philosophical take on gambling, discerning life as a gamble, where everyone wins and loses simultaneously. The song uses poker references like Hold ‘Em Poker.

The list here deals with all sorts of songs on gambling, starting from ones that preach, to ones that talk about pleasure to ones that talk of the harms. Here we reviewed the most popular ones, so you can check out the songs to enjoy more gambling.