The FAC, the UK’s artist trade body, is delighted to announce the FAC 100% Venues directory.

The 100% Venues directory seeks to address the outdated and unfair practice of venues charging artists a commission for selling merchandise. The public directory, available on the FAC website via, highlights the venues that charge no commission (0%) from merchandise sales at gigs. Venues can complete a one-minute sign up form to add themselves to the 100% Venues list, where they charge no commission for merchandise sales.

As outlined in our first Kitemark published in 2021 in partnership with the Association of Independent Promoters, the FAC does not condone the imposition of punitive fees for selling merchandise, where those fees are not directly related to the cost of doing so. When fans buy merchandise from artists that they love, they want and expect that their money will go to supporting that artist. In order to celebrate those gold-standard venues who support artist careers by charging zero commission on the merchandise they sell at gigs, we have launched 100% Venues.

The relationship between artists and venues in the music ecosystem is essential and inseparable. One of the key revenue sources for touring artists is the sale of merchandise at gigs. Often, that revenue represents the difference between a gig breaking even or losing money.

The FAC has published this directory to ensure the current system is made fairer for touring artists. This issue has been prevalent in the industry for a number of years and to date, no changes have been implemented to improve the situation.

Promoters and venue owners should continue sharing information on the matter and if any venues are not currently signed up and are commission free, enrol via the link provided above. This will help extend the database and celebrate the existing support for artists.

Artists can share the directory with their fanbase and wider musical community to promote the issue. Using a collective voice will be the way to promote change which will subsequently support live artists in the future. With a large database, other venues will more likely reconsider their fees and reassess how much they want to be charging their booked artists.

Current FAC members and other performing artists should read through our existing shortlist to be informed on who is leading the way in supporting artists at their venues.

Peter Hook from Joy Division and New Order: “You’re treated like gods in the dressing room and then robbed blind on the merchandise stall. I fully support this campaign and have been very vocal about this injustice to artists and fans for years. I fail to understand why these charges are so high?”

David Martin, FAC CEO: “The relationship between artists and venues represents one of the most important partnerships in the music ecosystem. These 100% Venues are leading the way, enabling artists to take home 100% of merchandise revenue. This makes selling merchandise at gigs worthwhile for artists, creating a fairer and more sustainable touring circuit, particularly for grassroots and emerging talent.”

Roxanne de Bastion, Board Director and Chair of the FAC BEAT board: “Unfortunately, venues taking a percentage of merchandise sales seems to penalise independent and new artists in particular. The FAC's Kitemark for independent promoters addresses this issue and has certainly made a start in making the environment fairer for artists.”

About the FAC: The FAC is the UK trade body representing the specific rights and interests of music artists. We are a not-for-profit organisation, serving a diverse, global membership of creators at all stages of their careers. The FAC is formed by artists, for artists, and we place this ethos at the centre of all we do. We are an inclusive community that advocates, educates, collaborates and researches on behalf of artists, coming together to provide a strong, collective voice within the industry and to governments domestically and abroad.

Having been formed in 2009 by pioneering artists including Billy Bragg and Pink Floyd's Nick Mason. The FAC's Board of Directors represents some of the most recognised names in the music world with the likes of Everything Everything's Jeremy Pritchard, Imogen Heap, Katie Melua, Wolf Alice’s Joff Oddie, Howard Jones, Aluna Francis (AlunaGeorge) and Blur's David Rowntree as the organisation's Artist in Residence.