Everyone knows the legendary guitar player Eric Clapton, and his addiction to playing vintage Stratocasters. But, did you know that on December 1st, New Jersey based auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll is bringing to auction Eric Clapton’s 1964 Fender Stratocaster Played in 1976 with Photo Proof? If you want to own a piece of Clapton history, you’re going to have to shell out a minimum of $80,000, however the auction house estimates the guitar will sell closer to $250,000! To check out the lot, click here.

The guitar has an original finish — heavy wear, Neck date 2 MAR 64 B, non-original chrome metal pickguard. Pickups are all from 1964. Tuning Keys are replacements as well as two potentiometers. Eric Clapton played the guitar during several concert performances in 1976, and can be seen being played during a Texas Blues Jam on stage with Freddie King, and Bugs Henderson. This guitar was owned by Bugs Henderson who let Clapton play the guitar during several concert performances.

Bugs Henderson was close friends with Texas blues guitar legend Freddie King and often opened for Freddie in concert. Both were based in Dallas, Texas. Clapton admired Freddie’s skill, and Freddie even opened for Clapton during some of his U.S tours in the 70’s. Clapton and Freddie recorded together during this period and Clapton has a history of recording Freddie’s songs. In the mid 70’s Eric Clapton toured through Texas and the southwest with Freddie King opening and Bugs Henderson also as a third act on the bill. Clapton borrowed this Stratocaster for one or more on-stage jam after Clapton’s main performance.

In addition to this amazing piece, Gotta Have Rock and Roll is auctioning off 1100+ lots of the finest memorabilia in rock and roll, sports, history, and pop culture. With lots ranging from $50 to $1,000,000, there is sure to be a steal for collectors new and old alike. The auction runs from December 1st - 10th. Go to gottahaverockandroll.com to register to bid.