‘Magic Stick’ is without doubt the peak of Aneero’s talent to-date. Drawing inspiration from the fiery, feverish feeling of falling in love, and what it means to be completely swept off your feet. The song details Aneero’s love and commitment to the one he loves. The Afro-beat, highlife artist brings his unique voice to this run-of- the-mill subject, drawing upon his experiences growing up in Ghana.

Honing in on and perfecting his extraordinary talent from a young age, Aneero has navigated his career with the single goal of bringing joy to the masses. ‘Magic Stick’ aptly demonstrates this. The song is an exciting Afro-London Twist with Pidgin English (African). The touch of Caribbean influences on top of grooving rhythmic beats makes for a memorable, stand-out listening experience.

With joy shining through his art and an uncontested passion, Aneero’s talent makes for an emerging artist that we didn’t know we needed!

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