Boston based singer-songwriter MAYA LUCIA shares her latest indie-pop single ‘ur ruining it !’, out now on all streaming platforms. The single is accompanied by a bright and bold music video, out on 18 November. Watch it here.

DIY Indie-Pop singer-songwriter MAYA LUCIA is the queen of hearts. Having spent the last five years bouncing between the Pacific and the Atlantic, the Minneapolis native pulls DIY sounds from both sides of the coast. Her distinctive vocal styling and angst-ridden lyrics effortlessly float between punk, pop, and surf-rock. Linking with bandmates Samuel Stroup (drums), James Duncan (bass), and Molly Pope (lead guitar) while attending school in Boston, MAYA established herself through punchy live shows and magnetic stage presence. Her next EP is due Spring 2022.

Speaking of the music video, MAYA says, “Jack (Campise) and I have worked together previously on my music video for ‘sadgirl (rip moviepass)’. We met our freshman year of college before I transferred schools and have been friends ever since. Together, we created the idea of a reunion of sorts after the pandemic. We drew from the film Boogie Nights and their use of tracking one-takes to create the flow in the music video. A lot of our close friends were part of the music video and doubled as cast and crew mates, which made it very special.”

Produced remotely over lockdown, each part of the track was recorded in the bedrooms of MAYA’s bandmates, with her vocals being created in a closet under a staircase, which gives a gritty authentic feel to the song that amplifies the lyrics and feelings in MAYA’s vocals.

Speaking of the track, MAYA says, “The song comes with a lot of power. The lead chorus line is telling the person who upset me their ruining our any possibility of a relationship with me. Musically, though, it’s playful and fun. When you analyze the song, I think it can feel a little heavy – quite the opposite of the way it feels when you listen to it – but my take away for my listeners is to know your worth and value.”

Growing up surrounded by music, MAYA’s dad would come home with CD’s from artists of all genres. She started learning piano as a child. From there, she got into guitar and wrote songs through that instrument. “To me, the guitar feels limitless. I performed a lot in high school and in coffee shops, and a few years into college, I met my bandmates. Samuel (Stroup), my drummer, has been with me the longest and I began writing songs that he would have fun playing to. I wanted the music to be loud, so that’s how my songwriting developed into what it is today.”

Naming indie favourites such as Snail Mail, Indigo De Souza and Phoebe Bridgers as her main influences for the track, MAYA draws from her combined influences, totally owning her own brand of gutsy DIY indie-pop.

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