English Violinist Nigel Kennedy joined Scala Radio this week as their guest curator for the day.
The classical music performer had free rein at the station to choose five of his favourite pieces of music, which he felt had a significant impact on his life.

Not one to shy away from being bold and alternative Nigel handpicked an eclectic range of music, spanning classical and jazz styles, which were played out across the day.

Nigel’s choices included Hot Club De Paris ‘Swing 39’, Chopin - ‘Nocturne in E flat’ played by Artur Rubenstein, ‘Umri Ma Bansa’ by Abdel Gadir Salim, Fela Kuti ‘Water Get No Enemy’ and his own ‘Fallen Forest’ (from Kafka album)

The musician spoke with Scala Radio about his new album ‘Uncensored’ whilst also offering his opinion to people who think they don’t like Classical music saying “Don’t feel that you’re being made to feel less intelligent than the people who make the music, or less intelligent than other people who appear to know about it. Never trust an expert. Don’t listen to experts. If the music doesn’t sound good to you it’s either because the performer is a bit boring or the composer’s a bit boring, or maybe it’s the wrong circumstance to listen to the music. But don’t give up on it.”

When asked about what advice he would give his younger self Nigel commented “I can't really think of anything I regret having done apart from playing Mozart. Like I really don’t like Mozart. For some reason somebody thought it would be a good idea and I was too humble in my attitude at that point, so I tried it out and I think people liked it because it's got all those lovely little protocol orientated melodies which I hate so much. So, I’d just advise myself don’t play Mozart.”

He also went on to admit that he always records his music within three takes. “I kind of do have a rule, three takes maximum and then if I haven’t got it good by then, then it is not destiny that I record that as I'm playing like a pig. So, if it doesn't work in three takes … then drop it.”

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