Minnesota based folk singer-songwriter Tanner Peterson shares his new track ‘Losin’ My Soul’ on all streaming platforms.

A conversation with a friend led to the creation of ‘Losin’ My Soul’. They acknowledged the feeling of loneliness that comes with being an outcast once you decide to remain true to yourself. The sentiment of the song explores the idea that it can feel alienating, but completely liberating at the same time.

Speaking of the track, Tanner says, “It’s sometimes hard, but so important to remain yourself in a world that’s constantly trying to change you”.

Tanner Peterson is a 22 year old singer-songwriter and world record holder based out of Minnesota who writes music straight from the soul. His music conveys a blend of folk/soul and acoustic rock music stemming from influences such as Ed Sheeran, John Butler Trio, John Mayer, Trevor Hall, and Jason Mraz. His songs are based on life experience, spirituality, and self-empowerment.

"The number one busker in the history of the world." -Al Thielfoldt, KTOE Radio

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