The Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne, is preparing to make his big return to the stage with the remaining European dates of the No More Tours II Tour.

He has long been a divisive figure in the world of music and entertainment, but there is no denying that his fans were disappointed to hear that Ozzy Osbourne’s tour had been postponed. With it due to take off again in 2020, there is no denying that the Prince of Darkness will have quite the spectacle to deliver to his fans.

The Legend of Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has been a legend of the music world for decades, both as part of the seminal Black Sabbath and with his own solo work. He has inspired casino slots games, helped to redefine reality TV and appeared in films. His status as an icon of pop culture really can’t be denied.

However, there is no denying that he is getting older. It was with little surprise that he had to postpone the initial No More Tours II in 2019. In his early 70s at the time, and having lived the life that he has, it is little wonder that the planned 41-dates arena tour would be a lot. Having completed the North American dates, the Australian and European tours were then postponed. The Australian leg of the tour was cancelled entirely, while it was recommended that ticket holders in Europe waited until the new tour dates would be announced, as it would be quite likely that their tickets would carry over.

Projects in the Meantime

He might not have been on the stage, but that does not mean that Osbourne has not been in the studio. His collaboration with Post Malone and Travis Scott, Take What You Want, was well-received by the public. This was then followed by a later collaboration between Malone and Osbourne for the latter’s album. This track was called It’s a Raid and was the fourth single released from Osbourne’s 2020 album Ordinary Man.

This album received many positive reviews, and proved that Osbourne was still capable of producing great music. Many critics even favourably compared it to his early work with Black Sabbath and the music he released early into his solo career. Not long after the release of this album, Osbourne stated that he was also working on a follow-up. This means that those returning for the European leg of the No More Tours II Tour could even potentially hear some new tracks.

Touring Across Europe

This is designed to be a farewell tour for Osbourne, and it has been a success so far. Seeing him return to the stage for the last time will definitely close out a specific era in rock and metal history. Having worked with some of the best in the industry, this is a great way for Osbourne to close things out.

The last few shows are going to take place in some of the most iconic arenas of Europe. These are big venues, and they are definitely worthy of someone who cuts the prestigious figure that Osbourne does. There is a reason why he has the moniker of the Prince of Darkness, and anyone who attends one of his shows will see why.

The tour dates here have been anticipated for a long time. This tour was supposed to be over by 2019, and it is now going forward to 2022. This builds a lot of expectations but if anyone can deliver it, it will be Ozzy. With the potential for new music to be added to the setlist, every heavy metal and hard rock fan will want to try to grab a ticket to the end of this much-anticipated tour.