Existentia is a new progressive metal band from Russia, the sound combines heavy metal guitar riffs, evolving melodies and themes, coupled with sensual female vocals.

After the release of their debut album "Planet in the Universe" in May 2021, band plans to release a new single "REVOLUTION AGAINST EVOLUTION" on November 26, 2021.

This new composition combines the reflection of feelings and emotions of several world events at once! The beginning of the protests and, in fact, the civil revolution in the USA, after the murder of African American police on the streets of Minneapolis, which led to a series of episodes full of brutality and irreversible despair of thousands of people. Along with a global scientific event - the first voyage of a civilian crew in space, which gave rise to the newest stage in the development of mankind.

The revolution is what unites these two, at first glance, polar events. The revolution is what permeates our new single. The spirit of protest coupled with hope, rebellion coupled with the desire to live and create!

The new single "REVOLUTION AGAINST EVOLUTION" in many ways became revolutionary for the Existentia band. Different from the previous events, the lyrics of the song, more progressive arrangements, new sound of instruments and the whole mix, more soulful vocal turns, imbued with the inspiration of St. Petersburg, where a new historical event happened for Russia - all this is a new step that opens the next stage for Existentia.

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