Today, Indie Pop Artist Beaux King released her second single and music video “KIDNAPPED” under her label Beaux Entertainment, with the support of artist development partners OC Hit and DNT Entertainment.

Beaux King made her first public introduction to the music industry with the independent release of her first single “NAKED,” on May 21, 2021. She confronted the challenges of finding love while staying true to yourself, and explored authenticity, attraction and connection. With her warm bass tone vocals, she brings a unique and identifiable performance trade mark to her music. Her latest single “KIDNAPPED,” released on October 15th, describes the other side of love; the feeling of being totally overcome by it altogether.

Beaux’s vivid original lyrics tell a story of unavoidable passion and desire. The song was executive produced by OC Hit, written and composed by Kendall Kingdeski (a.k.a Beaux King) and Robbie Dean, vocally produced by Gabby Neeley and mixed/mastered by “Composer.” “KIDNAPPED” highlights the universal experience of being captivated so deeply by a toxic love, regardless of its flaws.

“What I really want people to take from this song is that no matter how infatuated you are with somebody, at the end of the day, you have to be equally in love with yourself in order to truly love someone else. You don’t need someone else to fulfill your happiness.” - Beaux King

“KIDNAPPED” is accompanied by a simple but powerful performance music video directed and self-produced by Dani N Thompson (a.k.a @danithompsonmusic) for DNT Entertainment, and features guitarist Hunter Pea (a.k.a @hunter_havokk). Aside from Beaux’s career aspirations, she hopes to provide people with an escape through her music, giving them a source of inspiration and something to relate to.

More About Beaux King
Beaux King is an American recording artist and songwriter originally from Gilbert, Arizona. In March of 2021, she started her own label with the support of artist development partners OC Hit and DNT Entertainment in an effort to release her original music independently. Beaux describes her music as pop/jazz with a modern twist. Ultimately, she strives to have her original music be an escape from stress and a source of inspiration and fulfillment for her listeners.

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