The first single from Tori Amos's upcoming album, Ocean To Ocean, has hit Spotify and other digital platforms overnight. The track, Speaking With Trees, much like other moments on the album, explores the recent loss of the singer's mother. Despite this deeply emotional subject matter, Amos brings a surprisingly peppy and upbeat sound to the track.

The single sees Amos talking of hiding her mother’s ashes under the treehouse, where she confesses to being unable to let her mother go. The track is reminiscent of her earlier work, where she so beautifully twins painful and sensitive lyrics with catchy, offbeat pop hooks.

Amos's album, Ocean To Ocean, will be released on the 29th October. The project is a deeply personal narrative that unravels the knots of grief, loss and life's unrelenting obstacles. It serves as a soundtrack to the intervening years since we last heard from the iconic pianist.

Speaking With Trees is available for streaming on all digital platforms. Ocean To Ocean is available for pre-order.

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